NFC Preview

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The battle for the NFC will be fierce, with many old and proven teams that have been around the block trying to hold the younger, hungrier teams at bay.

In the NFC North, you have the Bears, Lions, Packers, and Vikings. The Bears organization is in disarray, paying Mike Glennon, a career backup, a 3 year 45 million dollar deal, then trading up to the 2ndoverall pick to draft an unproven quarterback with one season of college experience under his belt. The Vikings look like they’ll be the same team we saw in the second part of last season, a team with no identity. The division should come down to the Lions and the Packers. In a Quarterback league, these teams have two of the best in the business in Aaron Rodgers and Mathew Stafford. The Packers supporting cast in Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Devante Adams should help them get out of the division with 10-11 wins.

The NFC East has 2 of the best teams in football, and a lot of bad blood between the teams. The Eagles are a decent team good enough to hang around 7 or 8 wins, but in this division I expect no more than 6. The Redskins are always in the race because of Kirk Cousins, but I do not believe they are good enough to consistently challenge the Giants and Cowboys. With star Running Back Ezekiel Elliot in legal trouble, Dak Prescott no longer has a way out and must throw the ball down the field. I believe that teams will figure out the Cowboys and their weak defense, and the Giants will take the division, sweeping the Cowboys in the process. However, Dallas will be a wild card and will get the last laugh vs the Giants in the playoffs.

The NFC South is one of the more intriguing divisions in football. The Falcons are the favorites, and they are looking for redemption after their Super Bowl collapse. I expect the Saints and Buccaneers to challenge for the division title, but the Falcons are the most complete team in this division with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Vic Beasley. The Panthers will be a non factor.

The NFC West is wide open for the taking. San Francisco is expected to be an under 4 win team. The Rams are thinking of benching their number one pick in the draft for Sean Mannion, who has never started an NFL game. The Cardinals are a good team on paper, but they did not gel as a team last year, handing the division to the Seahawks on a silver platter. This is the weakest division in the NFC and a .500 record may be good enough to win the division outright.