Amazon vs. Walmart Delivery Battle


Amazon reported that it has made more than ten million products available for one-day delivery with subscription to Amazon Prime. The products available range from best-selling items like beauty products and beach towels to necessities like cleaning supplies. Ten million products represent a fraction of the more than 100 million items available for free two-day delivery, but they hope to seek the same growth for next day delivery. Amazon has offered one-day shipping on limited items and free same-day delivery for orders exceeding $35.


In response to Amazon’s attempt to revolutionize the delivery business, Walmart pointed out a tweet highlighting free one-day shipping without a membership fee. Walmart plans to expand the option of free next-day delivery from Phoenix and Las Vegas to 40 of the top 50 U.S. metro areas later in 2019.

Who wins this battle?

The e-commerce giants are beginning to try and one-up each other with these announcements for faster service to their customers. Amazon spokeswoman Julie Law comments how Amazon doesn’t “put a lot of time and energy or focus into competitors because it can be distracting.” These comments attempt to ignore the achievements a company like Walmart is trying to make to take over the industry. Amazon must respond to this fast-growing sector to keep the usage of the verb “Prime” alive.