Senate Tax Reform Proposal

Key takeaways on Senate Plan ·         The Senate Finance Committee released a detailed summary of its tax reform proposal, following the release a week earlier of the House proposal.  Although there are many similarities between the two proposals, there are also significant differences, which likely means there will be a complex legislative process ahead. ·        … Read more »

Disney’s Purchase of Fox Assets Seem to be at a Standstill

Recently, there has been talks of Walt Disney Co. purchasing a number of assets from 21st Century Fox Inc. Reports are saying the acquisition talks have been on and off the past two weeks, with the two companies no longer speaking at the moment. The Sports Business Journal shed light on the fact that for… Read more »

House Releases Tax Reform Legislation; Senate Bill Expected Next Week

House Releases Tax Reform Legislation; Senate Bill Expected Next Week     One day after initially proposed, Republicans in the House Ways and Means Committee unveiled a sweeping overhaul of the Tax Code yesterday. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, introduced by Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX), is co-sponsored by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and all… Read more »

House Passes Budget Resolution; Tax Bill Introduction Expected Wednesday

The House passed the fiscal year 2018 budget resolution by a 216-to-212 vote Thursday, opening the door for tax reform legislation. However, the narrow margin suggests that passing the tax bill may not be an easy passage for GOP leaders. Sources reported that the twenty Republicans who voted against it were expressing disapproval of the… Read more »

Senate Budget Resolution Paves Way to Tax Reform

Tax Reform On the Horizon as Senate Passes Budget Resolution A major hurdle toward tax reform was accomplished last night when the Senate narrowly passed a $4 trillion dollar budget resolution. The measure passed 51-49, with all 48 Democrats and independents, and the fiscal conservative Republican Rand Paul (R-KY), voting against it. If it is… Read more »

College Basketball Drop’s the Ball

College Basketball Programs Recruiting Once Again Under Spotlight Amidst New Scandal The integrity of  college basketball is under massive scrutiny after the FBI released news on its’ ongoing probe into the sport. The allegations are related to some of college basketball’s most prominent programs, which puts the entire sport under scope. The investigation highlights college… Read more »

Carmelo Anthony Traded to Oklahoma City

  Melo Packs His Bags It has finally happened, Carmelo has waived his no trade clause to be traded to Oklahoma City. The New York Knicks have lost a great player, who is on the back end of his career. Getting traded to the Thunder, is great for Carmelo. He is the last piece to… Read more »

Republicans Unveil Tax Reform Framework

    Republican leaders unveiled their framework for tax reform yesterday. The GOP’s Big Six working group issued a nine-page proposal in the morning, followed by a speech by President Trump in Indiana. The proposals described broad principles but offered little detail, leaving legislative language to be drafted by the Senate Finance Committee and the… Read more »