Business Management

A vertical and cross-connected approach to growing your business


Schedule monthly bills to ensure timely payment

Risk Management

Properly insure the things that matter most to you

Tax Advice & Planning

A proactive approach to preparing tax returns


Decision Making

Management of long-term/large-scale financial decisions

Budgets & Cash Flows

Monthly reports to annual project spending, and management of daily financial needs

Disciplined Investments

Catered to individual risk tolerance


Wealth Planning

We construct a dedicated team of individuals uniquely positioned to grow your wealth


Your Monarch Wealth Planning Team will be comprised of financial planners, accountants, investment advisors, branding experts, risk managers, tax specialists, royalty auditors and touring experts, each of whom is committed to building a customized plan that will help you realize your financial goals.


Recording & Publishing

Our experience in the music industry is unmatched

  • Royalty Auditing

    We consult with a staff of expert Auditors who can review and analyze your royalty statements to determine if you have been paid all sums to which you are contractually entitled

  • Tracking and Reporting

    We track the due dates of all royalties from third parties, monitor the receipt of royalty statements, and monitor the collection of royalty earnings

  • Royalty Review

    We will review all royalty statements, including artist/producer mechanical and publishing statements

  • 3rd Party Administration

    We consult and work with outside servicers who prepare statements for Producers, other Musicians, or Performers to whom you are required to render royalty statements


Touring Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services for when you are out on the road

  • Proper Insurance Coverage
  • Agency Deposit Schedule
  • Road Float Reports
  • Creation of Pre-Tour Budget & Projections
  • Payment of All Vendors
  • Collection & Accounting of Revenue
  • On-Tour Recordation, and Post-Tour Reconciliation
  • Review Performance Deals & Show Expenses

Investment Advisory Services

A comprehensive strategy to a lifestyle of intelligent investments

  • Goals & Objectives

    Understanding clients long & short term goals

  • Due Diligence

    Qualitative and Quantitative approach to screen managers

  • Performance Reporting

    Monthly evaluations are critical to minimizing cost and maximizing tax efficiency

  • Investment Policy Statement

    Determine risk tolerance & investment profile

  • Develop Asset Allocation Strategy

    Including broad and global diversification

  • Monte Carlo Analysis

    Planning your financial future



Family Communication, Governance, and Education

  • Coordination

    Coordinate client meetings and daily communication

  • Family Vision & Mission

    Design family vision and mission statements that reflect family values to ensure financial and social responsibility of the next generation

  • Preservation

    Focusing on preserving family harmony across generations

  • Education

    Educate family members about wealth management with focus on younger members


Tax Planning & Advice

We combine diligence with innovative tax strategies to maximize your wealth

  • Comprehensive Approach
  • Evaluate Alternatives
  • Philanthropic Benefits
  • Family First
  • Trusts and Estates
  • State Residency Issues
  • Various Entity Setup
  • Complex Tax Strategies